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Classes & Registration

Nye Dance Productions is a dance studio in Oregon, Ohio. The studio teaches various styles of dance both as recreation dance, performance dance and  competitive dance for students ranging from toddler to adult. Teaching dance using safe techniques is essential to the growth and development, and overall well being of its dancers. Nye Dance Productions takes pride in providing an educational approach to its lessons requiring students to use correct terminology when mastering skills in the studio. Parents alike are given resources to help further educate themselves and their students on basic as well as intermediate to advanced fundamentals of dance.


Class Registration

If you register through your account for and take a space in a class, you are committed to, and agree to pay tuition for that class until either the end of the season or you drop the class by completing a Class Cancellation Form in person at the studio and paying the Class Cancellation Fee at the studio. Drop in classes may be available, if not full, without commitment for a fee. Please schedule in advance with the front desk. To enroll in Season 5 classes the registration fee and first month’s tuition must be paid in full. Account credits may be issued if scheduling needs to change before the Registration deadline, September 30th, 2023.


Registration Fees

Each dancer will be charged a non-refundable annual registration fee payable upon registration. Individual dancers $15 and siblings $25. This is a requirement to have a spot in registered dance classes. 






Fees for class are paid by the month. Families will pay one set fee per month which is due on the 1st of the month. Payment is to be made no later than the 10th of the month. If payment is not in by the 10th of each month there will be a $15 late fee added to the total bill. Any returned checks will be assessed a $35 fee and must be paid no later than 5 days after you have been notified. If your dancer is participating in the recital, you are committing to attend classes and pay tuition September through May. Tuition may be paid in advance, however, there are no refunds on pre-paid amounts of any kind. 


Payment to Nye Dance Productions is accepted through cash, check or card. All families must register and have a credit card on file in their Dance Studio Pro Accounts. Card payments will be charged a $3 credit card fee. 


Auto payments are run on the 1st of each month. All accounts are put on auto payment when registering. If you wish to remove your auto payment settings please see the front desk to adjust your account. 


Families with multiple dancers in the studio will receive a 10% monthly discount on tuition. 


Nye Dance Productions reserves the right to have dancers sit out of classes, without make-up classes, if their account has any outstanding balances until the account is paid in full. Any balance that exceeds more than your monthly tuition is considered an outstanding balance.

All fees (tuition, registration fees, recital performance fees, costume fees, and tickets) are non-refundable. All outstanding balances must be paid in full before costumes are handed out and before any student can perform in a showcase or recital. All unpaid charges as of the 10th of each month are subject to late charge of $15. All accounts must be paid in full before registering for the next session. Accounts with a history of non-payment or non-compliance with studio policies may be barred from registration and may be asked to leave the studio or may be asked to prepay tuition.

Dance Studio Pro

All dancers at Nye Dance Productions are required to have a parent/guardian register for an account with the Dance Studio Pro system. Accounts give families access to input family/dancer information, view the studio schedule, enroll in classes, access documents, access music files and pay online. Families should become familiar with their account and check for class material and emails.


Class Cancellation 

A written notice returned in person is required to cancel a class mid season (September - May).  In order to stop further tuition obligations for the session (beginning with the month after this notice is received), this form must be completed and turned into Nye Dance Productions front desk before the 1st calendar day (not the first class meeting) of the month you want to withdraw. The Account Holder is responsible for tuition payments, account charges and late fees incurred through the last day of the month a dancer is registered in a class regardless of attendance. If a dancer is canceling class mid season (October - December) or (February - June) a $15 drop out fee will be assessed AND that month’s tuition. Dancers are given a month trial (September and January)  to withdraw from class  without a drop out fee. However, tuition and costume deposits are non refundable. If registered for


Any missed dance class should be reported to the front desk via call, text, message or email. It is important we are aware of our dancers if they are scheduled to be in class. Attendance is taken at the beginning of each class. 


If your dancer has not attended the class for 3 consecutive weeks without a parent request and payment to maintain his or her space, your dancer may be dropped from a class to allow others to participate without a refund or credit for tuition paid or owed. 

Make Up Classes 

Any missed dance classes may be made up by attending an approved dance class by Nye Dance Productions, within the same calendar month. If the dancer misses classes in the last week of a calendar month, the dancer may make up the class in the following calendar month. No credits or refunds are given for missed classes. NDP is not responsible for tracking missed classes. To make up a class, get a slip from the front desk before class. Makeup classes are not guaranteed. If we have full classes or during recital season we are not always able to schedule a dancer a makeup class. Makeup classes cannot be done by siblings or friends.

Class Levels & Placements

Nye Dance Productions will make class recommendations for all dancers based on class level and age. Current studio dancers can find their recommendations in their Dance Studio Pro Accounts. New dancers should contact the studio to talk with the front desk about class placement and audition. 


Dancers who want to register for an Intermediate or Advance level class must have studio approval. Ask the front desk for class recommendations. 


Class requirements and curriculum are posted on our website. It is typically for dancers to be at the same level for two - four years before moving up to the next level.

Class Descriptions

Parent & Me
(Ages 12-24 Months)

Tiny Dancers is a delightful program designed for little ones aged 12 to 24 months. Our weekly half-hour Parent & Me classes invite parents or guardians to join their tiny dancers on a playful journey of movement and discovery. Please note, Parent & Me is all about bonding and fun; it's not a recital class. Join us for magical moments on the dance floor!

Petite Ballet/Jazz
(Ages 4-6)

Join us for Petite Ballet/Jazz, a delightful class designed for young dancers ages 4 to 6! In this 45-minute weekly session, budding performers will twirl and leap into the magical world of ballet and jazz. Perfect for those eager to shine on stage, this class culminates in an enchanting recital performance. Join us for a journey where every plié and jazz hand brings joy and accomplishment!

Petite Acro 
(Ages 4-6) 

Join us for Petite Acro, a thrilling class designed for adventurous young movers aged 4 to 6! In this dynamic 1-hour weekly session, little acrobats will explore balance, flexibility, and strength in a safe and engaging environment. Led by certified instructors, this class follows the esteemed Acrobatic Arts curriculum, ensuring quality and progress. Please note, while your tiny tumbler will thrive and grow, this class is not a recital performance. Join us for a journey filled with flips, rolls, and smiles!

Progressive Ballet Technique (PBT) 

Progressing Ballet Technique (PBT) is an innovative body-conditioning and strengthening program that has been designed to enhance students' technique by focusing on training the muscle memory required in each exercise in all forms of dance. Studio certified. 


Welcome to Contemporary Dance, where movement becomes poetry! In this class, dancers explore fluidity, emotion, and individual expression through a fusion of styles. Join us to unleash creativity and connect with the artistry of contemporary dance!

Hip Hop 

Get ready to groove in our Hip Hop Dance class! Join us for a dynamic session where you'll learn the latest moves and rhythms in a high-energy environment. Let's hit the dance floor and unleash your inner swagger!


Unlock your potential in Turns, Tricks, and Leaps! This class is designed to elevate your technique and performance skills, focusing on mastering turns and breathtaking jumps. Join us to refine your artistry and take your dancing to new heights!

Itty Bitty Ballet/Tap
(Ages 2-3)

Step into the enchanting world of dance with our Itty Bitty Ballet/Tap combo class, tailored for tiny dancers aged 2 to 3 years old. In this magical half-hour session, little ones will twirl, leap, and tap their way to joyous moments. Guided by our nurturing instructors, they'll explore the beauty of ballet and the rhythm of tap, all while fostering creativity and coordination. Join us for a delightful journey where every plié and shuffle sparkles with wonder! Dancers will dance in our annual Christmas Showcase and end of the year Recital. 

Petite Tap/Hip Hop 
(Ages 4-6) 

Step into the rhythm of fun with our Petite Tap/Hip Hop class, tailored for energetic dancers ages 4 to 6! In this lively 45-minute weekly session, little movers will groove to the beats of tap and hip hop. Get ready to shine on stage, as this class leads to an exciting recital performance. Join us for a journey where every tap and hip hop move brings smiles and applause!


Dive into the world of Acro Dance, where athleticism meets artistry! Our Acrobatic Arts certified classes offer a thrilling blend of dance and acrobatics, guided by expert instructors. Develop strength, flexibility, and coordination in a safe and supportive environment. Join us and unleash your potential on the dance floor!

Progressive Contemporary Technique (PCT) 

Progressing Contemporary Technique is an innovative program that focuses on activating muscles groups through a process of utilising resistance and strength training. Our aim is to help you achieve a sense of moving with resistance, but never a tension in the body. Studio certified. 


Discover the freedom of movement in our Flexibility Class! Through gentle stretches and targeted exercises, students enhance range of motion, prevent injury, and improve overall mobility. Join us to unlock your body's full potential and feel the difference flexibility can make!


Join us for Lyrical Dance, where emotion meets movement! In this class, dancers explore expressive choreography set to beautiful music, blending elements of ballet, jazz, and contemporary styles. Let your soul soar as you tell stories through dance in our lyrical class!


Join our Adult Dance Fusion class! Experience the thrill of Hip Hop, the vitality of African Dance, and the timeless charm of Tap. Plus, all dancers receive free tickets to our exciting recital. Let's dance, connect, and shine on stage together!

Itty Bitty Acro
(Ages 2-3)

Introduce your little one to the exciting world of acrobatics with our Itty Bitty Acro class, tailored for ages 2 to 3. Following the esteemed Acrobatic Arts curriculum and taught by certified instructors, this class focuses on building balance, flexibility, and coordination in a safe and fun environment. Please note, while your tiny tumbler will thrive and grow, this class is not a recital performance. Join us for a journey filled with flips, rolls, and smiles!

Petite Musical Theatre
(Ages 4-6)

Introducing our newest addition: Petite Musical Theatre! Designed for young stars ages 4 to 6, this 45-minute weekly class is a vibrant fusion of acting and dancing. Get ready to dazzle on stage in our recital performance, where every young performer shines bright. Join us for a magical journey where imagination meets applause!


Welcome to Ballet Dance, where elegance meets expression! In our classes, dancers of all levels refine technique, grace, and storytelling through the timeless art of ballet. Join us as we plié, tendu, and pirouette our way to artistry and self-discovery!


Join us for Pre-Pointe and Pointe, where aspiring dancers take their technique to new heights! In this class, students build strength, balance, and artistry, preparing them for the beauty and precision of pointe work. Discover the magic of dancing on pointe with us!


Step into the rhythm of Jazz Dance! In this class, dancers groove to upbeat music, mastering dynamic movements and sharp turns. Join us for a high-energy experience filled with fun and flair!


Step into the rhythm of Tap Dance! In this class, dancers explore the joy of making music with their feet through intricate footwork and syncopated rhythms. Join us for a lively and toe-tapping experience that's sure to bring a smile to your face!

Musical Theatre

Musical theatre dance class: where the joy of movement meets the magic of Broadway, igniting creativity, rhythm, and expression in every step, leap, and twirl.

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